Company Profile

Kuramo International Co., Ltd.

Kuramo International Co., Ltd. (KIC) was founded on January 8, 1998 with the original concept of our mother company Kuramo Electric Co., Ltd. (KEC) to provide services directly with the factories in Thailand where automation line of productions are increasing in numbers.

Our core business is in line with KEC’s expertise more than 70 years in manufacturing so-called Kuramo Factory Automation (FA) cables. With special characteristic of high flexibility features enable our FA cables achieve high resistance in bending, twisting, noise, temperature, in various conditions. We deem it utmost important that Kuramo FA cables durability must safeguard and protect the smoothness during the manufacturing processes without any interruption or machinery stoppage.

Offering BEST WARE with the best technology

Our business is of very unique as not only we are buying and selling as most of the business enterprises doing, but also enhancing our customers to learn in depth the safety of choosing the right type of cables in order to avoid damages that might be happened as a result of frequent machinery stoppages due to cables breakage during manufacturing processes. Therefore, today KIC is proud to be the pioneer in service provider to the manufacturers in various fields involving the automation production lines professionally.


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